Capping twenty-eight stories of brick for the pretty
The nightlight for the darkened city

A marker for travelers and wanderers alike
This northern star–our city light

Like a crown for the wealthy who live below
Angelic halo of halogen glow

Bats and pigeons peek on those passing by
For cocktails, movies, or a room for the night

An empty black canvas this view would be
Without the nightlight
We would see just bricks and trees

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KM Sharp

KM Sharp is a poet, writer, MSW, activist, producer, and photographer originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. She moved to Los Angeles, California and now lives as a digital nomad traveling and exploring the world and currently resides in Mexico. For the past 13 years, she has slow traveled throughout the world gathering experiences and stories to share through her poetry, writings, and photography. Her most recent nomadic adventures have been to South East Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Mexico.

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