Operation Green Thumb

I am Eve
And yeah, I took a bite out of that Eden’s Apple
Plucked it from the tree myself
And with my front teeth
I pierce that red fleshy skin
And took a deep juicy bite
It tasted amazing
I love it so much I become 
With the Apple
I also began to love the Tree and its gifts
Started visiting it everyday
Making sure it had water and love
And tended to its soil and branches

Well he got real jealous
Told me I couldn’t visit the Apple Tree anymore
Said the friends I was keepin’ were a bad influence
Encouraging me to relax, meditate and sleep
He called it

Oh my dear friend the Snake who lived in the Tree
He had warned me that Adam was up to no good
Never wantin’ to come outside–always stressed out and working 
I told Adam what the Snake said and he had him killed that same day
People still killin’ snakes today because

I am Eve
And I turned my back on the world
Nature, snakes and the trees
Oh and I joined Adam and his quest for greed
Sometimes I even pushed us too far with all my wants, needs and everything
But it never really quite took
I swear I’ve been asleep for thousands of years
So here I am
Looking at the garden I haven’t tended  
I had better get to work

Poem from I Become One (2015)

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KM Sharp

KM Sharp is a poet, writer, MSW, activist, producer, and photographer originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. She moved to Los Angeles, California and now lives as a digital nomad traveling and exploring the world and currently resides in Mexico. For the past 13 years, she has slow traveled throughout the world gathering experiences and stories to share through her poetry, writings, and photography. Her most recent nomadic adventures have been to South East Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Mexico.

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