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KM Sharp is a published poet, writer, MSW, activist, producer, and photographer originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. She moved to Los Angeles, California but now lives as a digital nomad traveling and exploring the world and currently resides in Portugal.

For the past nine years KM has been gathering experiences and stories to share through her poetry and writings. Her most recent nomadic adventures have been to South East Asia, Oceania, Mexico, and Europe.

KM received a BA in Communications from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Social Work from Saint Louis University. She worked as a social worker on the streets, in homeless shelters and at community support agencies counseling women, men and children and those experiencing homelessness, mental and physical health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence and transitioning out of prison until she became disabled in 2004 after a car accident.

KM then studied under the renowned Welsh-American and scholar, poet, and bard Jon Dressel. She is a member of the St. Louis (Un)Stable Writers and Beyond Baroque in L.A. She co-produced and emceed a monthly literary and music show called Poems, Prose and Pints at Dressel’s Public House, co-produced and emceed Voices from the Underground and Truth Be Told Storytelling at Atomic Cowboy, St. Louis 100 Thousand Poets for Change events, and hosted the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Out Loud at the Saint Louis Regional Arts Commission. She has performed in shows and events nationally and internationally. 

KM’s poetry and writings have appeared in Bad Shoe (JK Publishing, 2009), Feast Magazine (September 2010) VSA Arts of Missouri anthology Where We Can Read The Wind (VSA Missouri, 2011), No Vacancy (Aja LaStarr, 2013), Turning the Clocks Forward (VSA Missouri, 2013) I Become One (KM Sharp, 2015), in the anthology Crossing the Divide (Vagabond Press, 2016), OneGlobe Citizen (2016), Art Is a Living Thing (New Zealand Pacific Studios Exhibition at Aratoi-Wairarapa Museum, 2016-17), Heirs of November: Poems-Prose-Protests (KM Sharp, 2017), Uprooted (TBA, 2021), Liminal Woman (TBA, 2021).

Current Projects: KM is producing a art blog/publication called Travel Artists Hub and with her partner, animator and video editor Robert Bram Silvey. She is also collaborating on a 2 children’s picture books illustrated by animator and director Oliver Conrad from Switzerland, co-producing a poetry book in Portugal with poets and a bookstore, and continues online literary education and working on screenplays, a musical, a novel, and several books of poetry. 

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