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    Capping twenty-eight stories of brick for the prettyThe nightlight for the darkened city A marker for travelers and wanderers alikeThis northern star–our city light Like a crown for the wealthy who live belowAngelic halo of halogen glow Bats and pigeons peek on those passing byFor cocktails, movies, or a room for the night An empty black canvas this view would beWithout the nightlightWe would see just bricks and trees

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    Chasing Sunset

    snow on Kansas plainsspeeding  speeding  speedingtemps drop 40on the cusp ofColoradocold turnstile windmills insouthern windsbirds catch winged turnsangle up + dodging truckstails and spots dot eyes assun sets westwe drive into the never-endingspeeding  speeding  speedingroad gold + pink momentbreath of glow underwisping cloudsover farmhouses nestleoutlines of pines framingskylines + blind eyesglaring glances of timespeeding  speeding  speedingshifting day into night

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    Operation Green Thumb

    I am Eve And yeah, I took a bite out of that Eden’s Apple Plucked it from the tree myself And with my front teeth I pierce that red fleshy skin And took a deep juicy bite It tasted amazing I love it so much I become  One  With the Apple I also began to love the Tree and its gifts Started visiting it everyday Making sure it had water and love And tended to its soil and branches Adam Well he got real jealous Told me I couldn’t visit the Apple Tree anymore Said the friends I was keepin’ were a bad influence Encouraging me to relax, meditate and…