Bangkok Morning Reflection

After a long night of drinking
So much more than I ever do
But I am determined to be different
in my habits from now on —
Drinks filled with
pomegranate + starfruit + vodka
Tasted so sweet on my jetlagged tongue
smiles + laughter shared
the 4 of us
under the rose apple tree
as bats flittered by chaotically
and a toad hopped on cobblestone
The glow of the light blue pool reflected
the evening damp patio where we sat
Under a green umbrella
rain water dripped from edges
upon my bare shoulders
Many hours later
when the rain stopped
and the birds went silent
We wandered out of the courtyard
through the garden gate
down an alley
on to the street
to visit a food cart with 8 tables
owned by a man, his wife and son
In woks 
they threw fresh
squid + clams + pork
tofu + veggies + noodles
With each new dish 
oil splattered
creating huge fires
that leapt sooooooo
high   high   high   high   high
flames licked and ran across
the umbrella of the Chef’s stand
Onlookers dodged the flames
and his wife startled
burst out laughing
as the fire 
possibly singed the last of her
lashes + brows + bangs
We seated ourselves and dined
on what I can only describe
as one of the best meals
I’ve ever had
stuffed + thankful
We walked home to sit on a
couch + bean bag + chez lounge
listened to old vinyl records
and a melodic lullaby of our host playing
Indian + US country inspired guitar
the plucked strings sent us off to sleep
In the guest room
we crawled into our bed
knowing the time change would cause difficulties
But never imagined we would awaken at 5am
longing for one another
We made love
as the Burmese puppets
smiled + stared
and a sacred wood carving of the
God of Fertility
enchanted the room
Dawn began to show her face shortly after
we fell back into the sheets with 
sighs of relief
loves kiss placed on
lips + hands + napes
Then back to slumber
only to be shortly awakened again 
by music 
Thai Farmers marching streets
loud shouts + drum beats
as they headed towards The King’s palace
All brought on by a foreign visitor
the US President wanting to talk 
Corporate deals
From my bedroom window balcony
Tibetan prayer flags strewn wisping
butterflies + birds flew
landed on rooftops
and settled into trees

Coming Soon: Meandering Existence (2021)

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