Chasing Sunset

snow on Kansas plains
speeding  speeding  speeding
temps drop 40
on the cusp of
cold turnstile windmills in
southern winds
birds catch winged turns
angle up + dodging trucks
tails and spots dot eyes as
sun sets west
we drive into the never-ending
speeding  speeding  speeding
road gold + pink moment
breath of glow under
wisping clouds
over farmhouses nestle
outlines of pines framing
skylines + blind eyes
glaring glances of time
speeding  speeding  speeding
shifting day into night

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KM Sharp

KM Sharp is a poet, writer, MSW, activist, producer, and photographer originally from Saint Louis, Missouri. She moved to Los Angeles, California and now lives as a digital nomad traveling and exploring the world and currently resides in Portugal. For the past 9 years, she has traveled throughout the world gathering experiences and stories to share through her poetry, writings, and photography. Her most recent nomadic adventures have been to South East Asia, Oceania, Mexico, and Europe.

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